What does the world of data have in store for us in 2022?



 The 10 trends of Business Intelligence in 2022?



As we approach 2022, Business Intelligence continues to transform and reinvent itself to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Between technological innovations, regulatory requirements and economic challenges, the world of BI is about to undergo many changes.

To help your company make the best choices and harness the full potential of business intelligence, DigDash offers you an overview of the key trends that will mark the year 2022.

Elodie Duffour
Content manager @DigDash

"Do you want to know the market trends in 2022?
Wondering what levers you can use to optimise your growth?

At DigDash, we have analyzed everything for you: data discovery, self-service BI, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence ... for your BI project, here are the top 10 trends for 2022! "

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