12 reasons to choose DIGDASH 
to create your agile dashboards



Why Choose DigDash Enterprise?


As part of the BI Survey 19, DigDash Enterprise software was honored in more than 20 categories, including flexibility, value for money and performance. 

DigDash solutions are acclaimed by our customers: 100% of those surveyed recommend DigDash and 94% of them value its dashboard creation features.

These are great figures, but what are the reasons behind this success?
To help you find out, we're offering an overview of the differentiating elements that have made DigDash a key player in the Business Intelligence world.

Elodie Duffour
Content manager @DigDash


"DigDash is the only on the market to offer an "All Inclusive" functional approach (data-preparation, analysis base and cube, distribution (PPT, PDF, Excel, Email / HTML), exploration / Self-service BI, .. .)
You are benefiting from a solution adapted to your needs and your sector of activity, while avoiding any unpleasant surprises in your budget.


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