15 ESSENTIAL CRITERIA for selecting your



You are looking for a solution and you don't know where to start?


Data plays an increasingly important role within companies, which has created a growing need to process data, extract useful information from it, and communicate this information seamlessly within and outside of the organization. It is precisely in response to these needs that Business Intelligence has evolved. 


However, BI solutions have multiplied in recent years and it has become difficult to select a tool adapted to the specific needs of a company. Each company is different and requires specific options, which makes these decisions all the more difficult.


In this context, we have decided to review the 15 key criteria to consider before deciding on a business intelligence solution. This will help clarify your options and allow you to make an informed choice!

Elodie Duffour
Content manager @DigDash


" From technical performance to ergonomics and customer support, the selection criteria are numerous. This white paper features a precise reading grid to help you select the BI software that best meets your needs."


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